Happy International Women’s Day

This is me reciting this beautiful poem written by Farah Gabdon.

(What I will tell my daughter)

Someday you will be told that a woman’s gaze
must never stretch as far as a man’s.
That his should
soar above the seventh heaven
-like shooting stars between planets-
to find himself on Saturn’s rings
but yours-
yours must never exceed the ceiling of your house
because you were made different.

Your place-
lies in the cleanliness of kitchen shelves
the dust between radiator and wall
the stains on both carpet and floor-
because you are a woman…
nothing more.

But this poem is called woman
Called mother and wife.
Called daughter.

It is wombs stretching-
filled with pain and love,
lungs pumping life into new body and soul-
ribs expanding,
housing, embracing, caring, creating.

This poem is called woman,

It is hearts breaking-
Aching for both infant and man.
it is tender, patient , loving,
forever, understanding,
never, relenting,
and always, always, always-

This poem is all woman.
All you.

The night you are born
I will take you to see the moon-
Full and bright –
it’s reflection filling the tiny pupils of your eyes
And your father and I will
Argue about whether to call you
“Shamsa” after the sun
Or “Qamar” after the moon.


Your thirteenth birthday is when I will read you this
Before periods,
And heartbreak and boys.
You will be as tall as me,
Your breasts emerging, hips curving
And your lips stained pink
Because you are learning
That being beautiful-
Is more important to the world than being real,
And that everything you ever did would always be labelled
“Not bad for a girl”
And that in some places-
Having a daughter
Still brought shame on families.


But this poem is called woman,
Is all woman
All you.

This poem is a reminder of what it means
To descend from a line of women
With the strength
Found only in martyrs
who set themselves on fire to save their kin.

This poem is all heart.
It is to remind you
That you share blood with women
Who march with shrapnel in their thighs
But fall to their knees the moment
Their grandchild frowns,
The same women who carry in the
Wobble of their arthritic joints
More strength than humanly possible.

This poem is because you are one half of life,
One half of body and soul.
This poem is because
You are a moon
And you must never forget
That you possess in you
The strength to shine
When enveloped in darkness-
To smile when drowning in pain.


You see,
They might say
That a woman’s gaze should never stretch as far as a man’s.
No, yours must stretch further.
Because you are a woman,
Nothing less.




No you don’t have to feel sorry for me. No one asks you to.
I have built a home inside me and the roots which grow within me
keep me strong and stand still
I love the scars on my skin. They show me how I survived..

Work of Art

You don’t need someone to validate your worth
you know you were crafted perfectly
shaped into an extraordinary person
who is standing before me now

You have traveled the rocky road
and passed through hundreds of roadblock
to get to where you are
now don’t let them tell you where to go

Some people don’t understand
the way you do some certain things
but you don’t need them to
just be unapologetically you

cos you know yourself
you know your worth







Just a Dream 

i dreamt of you last night
you were you and i was i
not a word ever comes out of our mouths
but we managed to meet in each other’s dreams
tell me how, how could this thing work between us?




Things were easy before you but they were not beautiful. And despite the storms that rage on or the cold deafening silence or the bridge you built to keep your distance from me, I hope this will echo in your head like a broken record,

“I have seen you in your worst and I stayed”




                         long gone 

       long dead




in a sea



You are the one I wanted most to stay
but just like a bird
You aren’t meant to stay in one place only
You aren’t meant to be caged
you are meant to be free in search for home
Home where you feels safer
than anywhere in this world
so fly on…
I set you free

For You by Lang Leav

Here are the things I want for you –

I want you to be happy. I want someone else to know the warmth of your smile, to feel the way I did when I was in your presence.

I want you to know how happy you once made me and though you really did hurt me, in the end, I was better for it. I don’t know if what we had was love, but if it wasn’t, I hope to never fall in love. Because of you, I know I am too fragile to bear it.

I want you to remember my lips beneath your fingers and how you told me things you never told another soul. I want you to know that I have kept sacred, everything you had entrusted in me and I always will.

Finally, I want you to know how sorry I am for pushing you away when I had only meant to bring you closer. And if I ever felt like home to you, it was because you were safe with me. – I want you to know that most of all.

–Lang Leav

photo 4.JPG

She greets the moon like an old friend
that she’s been waiting for a lifetime
As the night falls
She floats up in the sky
and began dancing
like she never did before

There she found beauty in the darkness