she is different



I am a woman not a girl you meet at a crossroad
I am more than a face to see
or a voice to calm your stormy night
you’ll long to hear my voice
cos it is a lullaby to you
and you’ll find me in your dream
but you think it’s a nightmare

I am more than a body to touch
you’ll burn your hand seconds you grab my waist
I am more than lips to kiss
you’ll be poisoned seconds your lips touch mine

I am more than one-night things
cos someone like me is not made
to last just one night
I am more than a hand to hold
cos the warmth of my hand won’t
warm your coldest heart
I grow thorns at the back of my hands
you will bleed trying to hold me

I am a woman of worth
I am made to be a home you miss
not a hostel you stay
I am made to be the water you need
not a whiskey you seek
I am made to be your sweetest regret and painful truth
cos tomorrow you will wake up
thinking of the chance you lost
to have someone
whose love as vast as the ocean
and you will long for me
every time you lay your eyes upon other’s
and there you’ll realize
that i am not like any other


//not one of your girls—ecp


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