A Trail of Broken Hearts


Dear my friend January,

You know deep down he is not going to stay, but you keep listening to what your heart says. You still hold on to any possibility that might happen. You are just overwhelmed by the amount of attention he gave to you–something you have been craving for. You love the experience, not the person. You barely even know him. Do you even know little things about him? Has he ever opened up to you? I know you like the back of my hands. I know you value connection the most, so why are you acting like this when you know the truth. He is just like the wave in the ocean. As much as you love the waves when it gracefully hits the shores, but it was never yours to keep.

Save yourself from the heartbreak, do not waste your time crying over someone who has been leaving a trail of broken hearts everywhere he goes. Believe me, you do not want to lose yourself in the way of loving someone. If it’s meant to be, you will come across him one day, and this time, I believe, is not by chance but by fate. In the meantime, enjoy the moment while it lasts. Carpe diem

Yours Truly,



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