Loving You

I have built my walls so high. I do not trust people whose mouth full of poison. I do not trust people easily. I set some rules. I want this I want that. I will never do this and I will never do that. I made promises that I couldn’t keep.

I promised myself that I will not fall for you. We made it clear. We convinced ourselves that we are not in love with each other. Live day by day with the lies we tell to ourselves. I don’t love her. I can’t love her.  I don’t love him. I can’t love him

I set some expectations. I want a guy that do this and that. And the list goes on and on and on. But then he came to ruin my plan.He didn’t mean to do harm.He just wanted to completely break down all the walls I built, all the rules I made, all the expectations I had

Since the very beginning, I convinced myself that I won’t fall for you
I did.

And all I know is
loving you is inevitable



One thought on “Loving You

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