The art of expressing yourself

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A wise friend of mine once said that if someone has a trouble accepting you as who you are, and hinder you from being who you are, and limit you from expressing yourself, let them go. Your feelings are valid. If you cry due to the pain that you can no longer contain, make sure you do not let anyone say that you need to stop crying and being so sentimental about everything. You cry because that might be the only way you cope with it. If you are being told to stop being so awkward and quirky and to start being normal, make sure you do not listen to what they say. If they expect you to be normal just like everybody else, then who the hell is gonna stand out? It could be you, you know.

I don’t know how many times my friends call me a freak, well freak is a strong word, I prefer weird (though I take that as a huge compliment) cos I always do things they consider as weird and not-so-me.

They think I’m weird because

I know how to dance in the rain while others run from it
I know how to laugh so hard that my laugh starts to sound like a dying cat
I know how to seize every moment
I know how to express myself.

Feel free to Express yourself. Live your life. You are beautifully made. You are unique and blessed. Believe me, you can’t afford to lose yourself because you are just that special.

State of mind!


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