Merry Christmas


Joyeux Noel, Selamat Natal, Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate. May the spirit of the true meaning of christmas ignites you throughout the year. Christmas this year feels a bit different to me because I feel like the Grinch has stolen my christmas spirit somehow. I was not feeling any excitement at all. Well, it’s probably  due to the amount of pressure and stress during finals or maybe just maybe I have not quite known yet about the true meaning of christmas itself.

There is this particular quote that I like which I can relate so much. I quoted Thomas S. Monson “Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting. It is happiness because we see joy in people, it is forgetting self and finding time for others” – Thomas S. Monson

As we grow older, we realize that our christmas list gets smaller. Well, I realize that it is because the thing we really want for christmas cannot be bought. The feeling of joy when you open up all the presents on christmas morning cannot surpass the feeling of joy and happiness from being surrounded by your loved ones around christmas time. There is this strange longing of being surrounded by the whole family because I always feel safe, welcomed, and loved when I am being surrounded by the ones I love. They always come up with good stories to tell or sometimes the problems that they might have been facing. In case you haven’t figured out yet, things do change, even a small change is a change, indeed. Family grows apart, no communication, worst case would probably lost contact, some of us are busy with our own life that we often forget the joy and happiness we used to feel when we were little kids when we were being around family around christmas time, while we were so eager to open up the presents to know what we got for christmas, or the joy that we felt when we all still believed the existence of Santa Claus, when our parents read the tales about the old grey-bearded man who always goes down in chimney on a christmas eve to deliver the gifts, and in an exchange to that, we have to put grass in the socks, which we hang by the fireplace or somewhere he could see, so that his reindeer would not be famished. I somehow long to be a child again, listen up to all the old tales again, stay up all night on christmas eve hoping to see Santa.

But one thing that I miss the most from Christmas is probably the time when I was so busy preparing for the christmas mass. Well, maybe some of you might find this doubtful that I used to be a “christmas star”. I am not intended to brag or boast about this but when I was a kid when I was still in my old church, things were good, you know. I was so busy of preparing for the christmas mass. I sang, I danced, I played, I pretty much had done everything. I was like a newborn puppy during christmas time. i was busy practicing choreography with friends, memorizing the lines from the script to practicing in front of the mirror, to finally carolling with friends. Sounds cool, right? That is probably why during the christmas mass, I get a bit emotional when I see little kiddos singing so beautifully. I can see my 10 years old me doing that.

It has never been about the presents underneath the tree. I love receiving presents, it adds a little more of festive feeling, though. But I realize that I am way happier when I get to do those things I used to do when I was little with my friends and I get to being surrounded by your family during the christmas time. Those are priceless moments that will never go down in story of my life, lel. And it is indeed right that as you get older, your christmas list gets smaller as the things you really want for christmas cannot be bought.

As quoted from Dr.Seuss in his book, ” maybe, christmas, does not come from the store. Maybe, it is a little bit more”
Merry Christmas everybody! May the joy and happiness and the spirit of christmas be with you and your family.

May God bless you abundantly xx


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