Who Am I


I am right, I am wrong
I am Yin, I am Yang
I am a day, I am a dawn
I am the Spring, I am the Fall
I am the sun calling for the moon
I am the wind, I am the storm
I am the past, I am the future
I am right now, I am back then
I am a saint, I am a sinner
I am an angel, I am a devil

I am the faith, I am the fear
I am the good, I am the bad

I am alive, I am dead
I am the sweetest lie, I am the painful truth
I am the unexpected Hello, I am the disappointed goodbye
I am the unwanted smile, I am the desired tears
I am the love, I am the lust

I am a champion, I am a loser
I am the painters, I am the canvas
I am the happiness, I am the sorrow
I am something, I am nothing
I am the daughter, I am the friend
I am a girl who lost a soul



7 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. Loved the dichotomy in this. Poems that speak to the duality of human nature have always been some of my favorites, and this is no exception. Very well written, thank you for this.

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