Letter to May

To May,
my dearest best friend

It has been quite some time since we talked. I have always wondered what you are doing and how life treats you. Even though we are separated by the huge distance, a million miles away, but I am sure that you are doing great. I am positive about that. I hope life treats you right.
My dearest May, yesterday I reminisced about the time I surprised you on your birthday. I remember that morning I woke up earlier than I usually do. I woke up at 5 am, an hour early. I woke up with a big smile on my face, I felt so happy because it was your birthday. As always, a struggle I have to deal with every morning is that I have to find the best or proper outfit to wear. That day was different, I wanted to feel special, I wanted to find the best one I could wear so that people would notice that there is something special with me that day. I was extremely happy as if that day was my birthday. I felt the nervousness, excitement rushing through my veins.

Long before that day, I asked my mom whether to buy you a cake or a box of pizza. Mom said of course cake would do, but then she changed her mind as soon as I told her that I am going to surprise you via skype. Mom jokingly said buy a load of pizza so we could eat as well.
But that day, when I thought everything was going well as I planned, it turned out to be a bit of a disaster. I have not bought the pizzas yet, even the candle, and oh the balloon. And thanks to my partner in crime for reminding me to buy the balloons. I called my sister so that she could proceed to go to Pizza Hut and get some pizzas. She ordered two boxes of pizza, Hallelujah! But she forgot the candles! How could you surprise someone without the candles? Ugh!

I got home at around 6, and I was supposed to meet you at 10. I got panicked. I have not yet made a surprise video. So after all the headache caused by my sister haha I then proceeded to make a video. It was so random, my sister kept interrupting me. But yeah I managed to upload it on Youtube, woot! Dear May, when I thought everything was under control, I forgot one last thing, the candles. So I asked mom for help. Mom with her innovative and creative idea, she found 4 huge candles and tore them up into 2 parts each and she wrapped them up with tiny colored spoons that we usually use to eat cake.

Dear May, I do really treasure our friendship, that every each of the moments I have spent with you is the highlight of my life. A friendship that we have is unlike the other. People are jealous of the friendship that we have. I hope no matter what you are going to in life, or no matter what happens, we are still best friends. Because I always long to have a friendship like this.

I hope life always treats you right. If it does not, you know to whom you may turn to.




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