Isn’t it funny
How every day our mind wanders to some places we have never been before
How in our loneliest days, we want nothing but to lock ourselves in our room
listening to sad songs over and over again
How every night we dream about the future that will never pass by to greet us
How we are drunk on our tears while dancing with the sweetest sorrows
How our friend, The Past, is chasing after us
trying to drag us to its haunted house
How our tongue chained by the lies we made
How we are locked up by some self-made rules
How we are stuck in a fucked up society
How we madly in love.
How the cupid shot his arrow at us and now demands his arrow back.
How every song I wrote is all about you.
How this world ruthlessly shows its power by tearing us apart.
How every word in my poetry dance in pain and tears.
How every thought about you give me nothing but a bittersweet feeling
How we, two young people walk aimlessly trying to find the right path.
How we bumped into each other.
How your eyes caught mine
How your voice caught my heart
as well as my smile caught yours
How I long for your embrace
How my eyes long to meet yours

Oh dear, she asked
Isn’t it funny how Fate brought us together but it’s also fate that tore us apart?

Let’s compromise with The Universe, shall we?

– Funny BY Erika Chrisiani


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