Being lovely: Wisdom from Audrey Hepburn

Under Open Skies


When you think of Audrey Hepburn, what comes to mind?  Her beauty, elegance, poise, style?  How about her heart, passion, and humanitarianism?   She was certainly more than a pretty starlet or Hollywood icon, she had a genuine care for others and embraced the simple things in life.  She was a true humanitarian and role model who undoubtedly made her mark on this world.  While she has left this world, her life story and words remain as lovely morsels of wisdom for those of us who want to live life simply and to its fullest.  In honor of a beautiful life, I would like to share with you some of her timeless wisdom.  Happy Birthday Audrey, may your legacy live on!

Life Lessons from Audrey Hepburn…

For all the ladies out there who struggle with their body image; who are bombarded by the fabricated, over-sexualized images of women that…

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