A Hidden Beauty

poetry by michael fink

The world is wearing a mask today
She’s all dressed up in anxiety and paint
I’m sitting, waiting for the rain
To wash the mind away
And maybe in darkness there’s a beauty
Maybe the kind that doesn’t fade
And maybe with light comes the duty
To burn ’til the last eyes turn away
But my muse is hiding her face today
She’s disguised in the tides that obey cruel fate
Who simply recede, with their fingers at the nape
Of her neck, I confess, there’s something forgotten
Something long lost that
Still resides, right where we misplaced it
The sky echoes the sentiment
Thick and thunderous with discontent
Blindingly screaming at split-seconds
Where we trafficked our dreams across these sands
I was there when the fire was lit
Bare and waiting for you to notice
The space in this world where we might fit
A thousand poems into a…

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