On Forgiving

Do you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?

I had a huge fight between me and my best-friends a couple years ago. That was undeniably horrible and I couldn’t think better reason to stay in circle. Long story short, I was so extremely depressed that week and boom. I was like Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the time USA threw the atom bombs. I was wrecked and extremely irritated. A year passed by, I still cannot get over the pain that still there in my deep soul. Because judging me is the quickest way for you to  get rid of me. I hate being judged and I know that everyone hates that too.

But I do believe in forgive but never forget. I do remember in what Bible says about forgiveness. I can forgive someone for doing bad things to me but in no way I can forget how it happened. Because sometimes the marks that humans leave are often scars. So, let it be my scars, and my scars only.

Here’s one thing that I do believe. You do not give up on friends and family, Never! I believe that not everyone deserves second chance. It is YOU who decide the one(s) who deserve it. I also believe that the marks that humans leave are also memories. I wanna make a good memories, so I decided to forgive, let go, but never forget.




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