I still can’t get over the fact that world cup 2014 is officially over and left me brokenhearted. It is because my favorite team that I’ve been rooting for this year–Argentina– didn’t win this thing. I waS upset. But knowing that their opponent is Germany, who has undeniably amazing team, makes me a bit relieved. At least, they lost with all dignity and respect and not because of the cruel penalty kicks. What A MATCH. I cannot even count how many times I screamed last night. I knew how it felt when Higuain gave that false hope to me. I was screaming so hard and dancing around like a happy llama but it was not considered as a goal. Offside. Bam!

My mind is messi right now
I did put my high hopes on Messi. I did hope he use his magic so that the Argentina will win this thing and bring the damn trophy home. But nah! What really makes me sad is his sad face. I can tell he was very disappointed. I mean, can you imagine? They’re so close to winning this thing. Messi also gets the best player trophy, which makes me so happy, but since they lost I did not know how to react, neither did Messi. messi

My head says that Germany will win this since they have literally the best team, but my heart says that Argentina is the one who deserves it and will surely win this thing

That was my random thought before the match. Germany! You really do have the best team, I must admit. Because in the end, you cannot only depend on one particular person to have such victory. You need team, teamwork, and courage. So congratulations!GER

Argentina!! We love you, We do!

Kick that trophy in the ass on 2018. We’ll definitely look forward to it. 4 more years. A long way to go!

Loves, Ey









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