Long Gone Long Dead

She whispers the words to her soul
The unspoken words that are trapped
 in her sweet, reserved,
and lovely soul
As she pacing down the floor
Repeating word after word after word
Her mind wanders to the place
The place she has been hiding from
Her mind takes her sweet soul away            
Her mind takes her to the haunted place
The place that once she belonged
The place where everything she had,
had been hidden away from her
The haunted place
where she knows that
the love of her life has gone,
where she knows that
the seeds she put in the garden,
the seeds that she thought will grow
into beautiful roses, DIED.
It did not grow. It was long dead.
 As she knows from that moment,
The seeds of love she put in his heart
did not grow
He did not even know she put the seeds
It was long gone. He was already gone.
She knows that she is playing
the palettes of her world
She knows whenever he asks
” You love me. Real or not real “
She will answer ” It is real”

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