Beyonce on her MV: Pretty Hurts, calls out on how Society’s perceptions of beauty

There is a famous quotation that says “ Everyone was born beautiful and everyone is beautiful in their own ways.” That quotation reminds us to stay true to ourselves because we are all beautiful in our unique ways. However, the society seems like not to adopt that principle and tends to categorize people by their characteristics, especially their physical appearances. Although a person’s outward appearance can be defined by the term “beauty”, but the true beauty lies in the way he or she acts and thinks rather than the way they look.

The society distinguishes people into tall-short, thin-fat, and black-white. Physically attractive girls and guys are known as beautiful and desirable, and those individuals who do not meet society’s standards of “beauty” are mocked or ridiculed.Furthermore, people are doing whatever it takes to be considered as the beautiful ones. We all can say that the term “beauty” is socially constructed by the society and put people in some categorizes which are tall-short, thin-fat, and black-white. Here are the distinctions the society makes.

First, the society makes a distinction between short and tall people. Tall people appear to be superior than the short ones. Because of this perspective, tall people can get more advantages, such as getting a modelling contract easily, being a professional sports player, like basketball player, and being a flight attendants. Because of that, being taller is socially desirable. A friend of mine once said If only he were taller, he would have been so handsome”.  What is wrong with being short? It does not make you less pretty or handsome. The situation when tall people appear to be superior than the short ones is called height discrimination. It is also related to heightism or a prejudice/ discrimination against individuals based on height.

Second, the society tends to see people who are thin, way more beautiful than the fat ones. She is so fat; we cannot consider her as the beautiful one.” I have heard this sentence for so many times and it really annoys me. People will not be less pretty or handsome if he or she is fat. I have just read this psychology book that saying that the media promote the idea that a woman must be thin to be attractive and it emphasis on weight & women are prone to overestimate their body size.Because of this mindset, many people especially women have eating disorders, such as bulimia and anorexia.Many of them strive to become thin to be beautiful and accepted in our societies so they starve themselves to stay thin. According to some studies, teenage girls are prone to have eating disorders because of the pressure they get to look beautiful and attractive. That definitely does not make them look healthy. Have you ever seen these beautiful ladies like Adele, Demi Lovato, and Oprah? They are considered fat by the society but instead of starving themselves to make themselves thin, they embrace their bodies. The way they embrace their bodies and accept who they really are makes them beautiful because of their inner beauties are shining through.

I found this article that makes me intrigued by how there is a standard of beauty in every country. This woman had her face photoshopped in more than 25 countries in order to make her face meet the standard of beauty in each countries. In that article also stated that the thing she has done is an eye-opening look at the concept of beauty around the world.->

P.S: Embrace yourself. I do embrace what’s the most interesting part of myself; my craziness.


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